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Oh, the questions they ask!

I have a Jar’o’sex.  It’s actually an old applesauce jar that I’ve painted with those words.  I pass the Jar around my college Human Sexuality classes, especially toward the beginning of the semester, and have students drop in anonymous questions.  (I have a similar process with my younger students, but we use a different container.)  […]

Everything you always wanted to know about sex…by Dr. Karen Rayne

Next week I will be speaking at an event for middle and high school students.  I will spend an hour answering every question that the high school students can throw at me.  I did this last year, and while very educational, useful, and probably the most intensive and informative sexuality education that these young people […]

Sex Ed for Parents: How to open up the conversation at home with your 7 – 12 year-olds

“When should I talk with my child about…you know…” This is a common question – probably the most common question – that I get asked.  And now I have developed a class to answer this question for you!  Here are the details: Class name: Sex Ed for Parents: How to open up the conversation at […]

My Dream Job and Changing Lives

A friend recently asked me if teaching sexuality education was my dream job. Indeed, it is. I feel I am able to offer students critical, life-saving information and support that is rare and so particularly important. I feel very blessed to have this opportunity to make a real difference, to offer real acceptance where it […]

What’s wrong with abstinence?

Nothing!  Abstinence is great.  In fact, we talk rather extensively about abstinence in all of my middle and high school sex ed classes.  It’s abstinence-only-until-marriage sex education that is the problem.  But while I can tell you this – and in fact, you may believe me – I think you’ll have more fun learning about […]

Webinar with Dr. Rayne on Teens, Sexuality, and Technology

Oh my goodness, I haven’t posted in months!  AND I stopped posting right in the middle of a conversation about virginity. I hope everyone will understand that this was a break of necessity – of my sanity, really.  I’ve been overcome with work, nothing bad at all, just too much.  Among other things, I have […]

Parent class on sex ed in the home – register now!

Sex education can be one of the more sensitive aspects of parenting.  Parents all know it’s important, but don’t all know how to do it.  Even when your children are in sexuality education programs that you like and think are effective, there is still a lot of support that can and should be provided in […]

The seductive allure of the music…

Tonight I am preparing for a class tomorrow morning on gender.  I start all my college classes with a song that is relevant to the topic, and my dear partner and I were playing around with music for tomorrow, including The Kink’s Lola, Vitamin C’s Girls Against Boys, Beyonce’s If I Were a Boy, and […]

A letter to parents everywhere

Dear Friends, I’ll be frank: I understand that the young people in your family are probably very busy, far too busy to enroll in another class.  I know your kids are going to be tapped-to-the-extreme this year.  I also know that most – not all, but most – young people have an absolute need to […]

Sexual harassment is bad! (Wait…what is it again…?)

Some weeks ago, I wrote a little post where I outlined three topics I wanted to revisit in longer posts, but didn’t have the time at that exact moment to write about.  This weekend, someone called me on it and demanded that I write about sexual harassment in middle schools.  (Okay, demanded is extremely harsh […]