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Website upgrades coming soon!

Actually, given that I’m currently running the National Sex Ed Conference, it might be a few weeks into 2014 before things really get started here, but changes are coming and I am very excited about them. The changes you’ll see at KarenRayne.com in the coming months will be focused on a shift away from the […]

Why I love the National Sex Ed Conference

This year I have been working closely with a number of wonderful colleagues to put together the National Sex Ed Conference. (Which will be held December 11 – 13 at the Meadowlands Sheraton in New Jersey.) This morning there was a great phone call with the whole planning team and I am just SO excited […]

What happens when you take the sex out of sexuality education

I recently attended the Texas Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy’s annual conference and learned all sorts of interesting things and had great conversations with lots of people! Several of the sessions I attended were about language and how to discuss sexuality education in ways that calms people’s nerves, opens them up to further conversation, and […]

Everyone has something to come out about

Happy National Coming Out Day! This day has been set aside to increase awareness of people who are open about their LGBTQ identity. This year in particular, with the election right around the corner, the Human Rights Campaign and others are encouraging people to call their elected officials and “come out” as LGBTQ or an […]

Newsflash: Sex is good for you!

That’s a bit simplistic maybe, I could break it down and a few qualifiers, but right now I’m not going to. As an overarching aspect of the human experience, sex has the potential to be an incredibly positive and moving force in an individual’s life – in your life! I hope for each of my […]

Saying good-bye, and thank you, to a class

One of my middle school classes just ended about an hour ago. On these last class days, among other things, everyone gets a blank book and we all write notes to each other, the students, myself, and my co-teacher. Then we all hug, say good-bye, and go our separate ways. After spending fourteen weeks together […]

Everyone needs some of this!

As my classes are wrapping up (two down, three still to go!), sometimes students write me parting letters.  One of my college students wrote me something that I think speaks very well to why I do this work and why it is so important.  When students receive a full and well-rounded sex education, they are […]

Some answers to middle school students, in short

On Friday I posted some of the questions and topics that my middle school students had asked in class last week and I promised short versions of my answers today.  Here you go: First, the questions from the more reticent class (dealing with erections and periods, and rape and how it relates to age): I […]

Yes, your middle schooler is really thinking about this!

I have two middle school sexuality classes running right now – one on Wednesday nights and one on Thursday nights. One of my classes was initially hesitant about jumping into the conversation – the other one leapt into deep conversation about the inherent nature of sexuality. Here are some of the topics and questions raised […]

My upcoming Middle School, High School, and Parenting Classes

Now that the second week of school has started, I hope everyone’s schedule is settling down.  I have a number of sexuality education classes for parents and youth starting soon: Comprehensive sexuality education for middle school age students Comprehensive sexuality education for high school age students Parenting class regarding 7 – 12 year olds and […]