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Sisyphean parenting

The iconic Zits comic strip, by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman, yesterday depicted the act of parenting a teenager as similar to the apparent curse bestowed on Sisyphus, rolling the same boulder up a hill, over and over again only to have it roll back down again. This delights me, because I made a similar […]

Breaking the Hush Factor: Rule #2

I am SO happy to say that, amidst bizarre shipping delays between the publisher and the printer, the first round of softcover Breaking the Hush Factor books have been SHIPPED! If you ordered a softcover during the Indiegogo campaign, you should have received it yesterday – or maybe you’ll get it today. I hope you’ll […]

Breaking the Hush Factor: Rule #1

Friends, it’s really happening, and I couldn’t be more excited and nervous and nervously excited. My book, Breaking the Hush Factor, is almost here. This book is written to parents, but it applies to all people who talk about sexuality with young people, and lays out ten accessible and concrete rules for how to have […]

So much more about my book!

Did you know that I have a book coming out? I’ve been emailing and posting information, but I wanted to give you all a more in-depth reading of the theoretical approach I use as a groundwork for the book. To that end, my friend and midwife Christy Tashjian and her wife Jenni Huntly interviewed me […]