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Very old and very new books

Two things have come together in my mind in this most amazing way. First, I have an office space all of my very own! My excitement about this is hard to overstate. And so that you can join me in this, here’s a picture: As I moved all of my office things from my living room into […]

So much more about my book!

Did you know that I have a book coming out? I’ve been emailing and posting information, but I wanted to give you all a more in-depth reading of the theoretical approach I use as a groundwork for the book. To that end, my friend and midwife Christy Tashjian and her wife Jenni Huntly interviewed me […]

50 Shades of Crap

I something to admit to all of you. I have not read 50 Shades of Grey. Now, usually I’ll read or watch or listen to whatever it is that my students are reading or watching or listening. So yes, I have read The Hunger Games trilogy and watched the first movie. I make sure and […]

Absolute proof that sex ed saves lives!

(Here’s the necessary background to the story that I am about to tell, a prologue, if you will:  In addition to teaching my middle and high school classes, I also teach college courses on human sexuality through various psychology departments, both in person and online.  My online classes are offered through the University of Maryland’s […]


**Editor’s note: I have a comprehensive sex ed class for middle school students starting in Austin soon!  If you’re local, or local enough, that you’re interested, drop me an e-mail (karen.rayne@gmail.com), and we’ll talk!** The new year starts with new resolutions!  This year I have decided to have three resolutions, and if I accomplish one […]

How To Lose Your Virginity (And Maybe Reclaim the Other-V-Word While We’re At It)

The first book on virginity loss that I want to talk about is How To Lose Your Virginity (…and how not to) by Shawn Wickens. Shawn describes his book as: “shocking, humorous, dangerous, sweet, & scandalous stories of the first time taken from 1,000 face-to-face interviews.” Shawn presents pretty much exactly what he promises. I’m […]

The virignity issue

I’ve been pondering virginity again recently.  A couple of things have come up, directing my attention there. First, I was contacted not once, but twice within the same week by authors of new books on virginity, asking me to review their books (reviews are in coming posts – this is a multi-post issue if I […]

The Widening

I recently had the pleasure of reading The Widening – a novel by Carol Moldaw. Carol asked me to review her book for this blog, presenting as a “self-contained, close-range, cut-to-the-quick vignettes, and published in the spring of 2008 by a non-profit literary press, The Widening is an edgily erotic novel; darkly comedic, intimate, haunting, […]

Book review: The Body Scoop for Girls

The Body Scoop for Girls is a new book out in a very familiar genre.  I’m all for new books in this area, because there aren’t many that I like.  Disappointingly, this is another one I don’t like. But before I review the book, I feel compelled to ask: Why another one for girls?  First, […]


A new book hit the bookstores on Friday, and it is very well worth the trip to buy it. Laid is a collection of first person accounts of sexual experiences written by teenagers and young adults. The book tells real stories of real people. There are stories that are essentially good, bad, and mixed. There […]