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From sea to shining sea, teenage girls are ignored, denegrated, impregnanted, and shielded from information

I gave my college students a test this week which included, among other things, questions covering basic anatomy and reproduction. Let’s kindly call some of their answers “surprising.” That is to say, they included words I had never heard of, biological processes that are unknown to life on Earth, and then just a few pieces […]

What they need to know: Side effects of hormonal birth control

I will periodically be writing posts about important aspects of healthy sex and sexuality that young people who are sexually active (or might be sexually active at some point in their lives – this means all of them!) should know.  Some of these may only be relevant to some young people, like this first one […]

Conception, contraception, and … Superheroes!

I have a lovely little jar that I pass around my college classes.  I call it my Jar’o’Sex.  When I pass the jar around, each student must write an anonymous question and put it in the jar.  Often the semester starts off with lots of questions, and then they slow to a trickle and eventually […]

Where to keep those pesky condoms?

Condoms offer incredible protection against unwanted pregnancy and STD transmission.  They are the idea contraceptive for responsible teenagers because they also provide STD protection. But condoms need to be taken care of: They cannot get too warm or too cold (like in a car), be rubbed about (like in a pocket or a wallet in […]

Top Ten Things To Do Before You Have Sex: A list for teenagers

This is actually an old post.  But I have had many requests for it again recently, and so thought it was worth bumping back up to the front for a day.  And yes, this is something to show your teenagers if you think they’re thinking about starting to – or have already started – having […]

McCain Can’t Explain Voting Against Birth Control

McCain Can’t Explain Voting Against Birth Control I generally don’t venture into trouncing one campaign or another in this space. But – you knew there was going to be a but – I can’t go silent in this particular presidential election. John McCain has such a poor record when it comes to voting pro-women or […]

Teach your teenager how to put on a condom

Is it awkward to whip out a banana or a cucumber (or even better, a penis model) and tell your teenager you’re going to show her the steps on how to put on a condom? Yep, no doubt. But there’s really no other good place for your teenager to learn how – except for trial-and-error, […]

Teenagers who…want to have a baby…WTF??

Yes, Virginia, there ARE teenagers who want to have a baby. Yesterday Mommy B sent me to this story about Gloucester High, where the fad last year was to try and get pregnant. Is this a new trend? Nope. Is it surprising? Maybe, if you haven’t been paying attention. And will the school’s attempts to […]

How to carry a condom the right way

The Dinah Project recently had a post about how to carry a condom, and ended the post with a good argument for why girls should carry their own condoms. It’s a good post. Straightforward, interesting, and educational. You should forward it on to the teenagers you know, so they’ll be one step closer to using […]


(Written by Guest Blogger JustAnotherTeen.)   Let’s face it, my girlfriend and I are far from the poster children of safer sex practices. Sure, we are not that bad, and try to use two forms of birth control, but no one could argue that they are the safest ways to go. When we first had […]