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Turning 13 or 16 or 18 or 21…or 30…or more…

Two weekends ago I turned 30.  My darling husband threw me quite the party, I went out dancing with friends after, and we started a major art project in our front yard.  Quite the perfect weekend, for me. Since then, I have been ruminating on age and on these milestones.  I was talking with a […]

Buying condoms? In middle school?

Last weekend I took 10 middle school students to buy condoms. None of the students wanted to come to class, which was unusual for them.  Their parents pushed them, made them come.  The students told me and my co-teacher: No way.  We’re not going to buy condoms.  The students asked me what they should say […]

Comprehensive sex education has gone mainstream!

Last week, Time Magazine published an article called How to Bring An End to the War Over Sex Ed.  The short answer?  Actually teach sex ed!  Among other lovely points, Time points out that: We now have a pretty good sense of which sex-education approaches work. Substantial research–including a 2007 Bush Administration report–has concluded that […]

Today’s ruminations on age

“How old ARE you??” “You have KIDS??” “Wow, I never would have guessed.” At this International Women’s conference, they have decided to group youth (high school) and young adults (19 through 35 years old) together into a social group they call YAYAs (Youth And Young Adults).  This means that I am technically a young adult, […]