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The time for insight

A parent of a newly minted high school student recounted a story to me today where his daughter cussed at him for the first time.  It was a relatively mild cussing event, but it upset him.  He pulled her aside, talked about the issues he has with cussing, and encouraged her not to do it […]

My sex ed magic wand

Today I have been pondering how to best provide high quality comprehensive sexuality education in a school setting.  If I could wave a magic wand and design a program for all young people, what would it look like?  Here is a general outline: I would provide a semester of sexuality education to all students in […]

Teenagers and vibrators

This summer seems to be the summer of teenagers contacting me about how to get a vibrator. I have gotten at least a few comments or e-mails every week, and sometimes every day, from young women who want help getting a vibrator. (I have also gotten the occasional e-mail from a young man interested in […]

The problem with photoshop

I’ve been talking a lot about media recently, so I’m just going to go with that and keep it up.  There is just so much to say on the topic that once I get going it’s hard to stop.  Last week I presented my new group of college students with their Sexuality in the Media […]

Negotiating the road to adulthood

I have a friend with a teenage son. Actually, I have quite a few friends with teenage sons, but I’m thinking of one in particular this morning. She called me the other day because her 15 year old, after a day with a particularly high number of pestering questions and little annoyances, had refused to […]

Dynamite by Taio Cruz

This song took much of my classroom attention last week. In each of my three college classes we watched the music video. Dynamite is a relatively well-known, currently popular song. Most of my college students had heard it, many of them had danced to it in the clubs. But only one or two had seen […]

How To Lose Your Virginity (And Maybe Reclaim the Other-V-Word While We’re At It)

The first book on virginity loss that I want to talk about is How To Lose Your Virginity (…and how not to) by Shawn Wickens. Shawn describes his book as: “shocking, humorous, dangerous, sweet, & scandalous stories of the first time taken from 1,000 face-to-face interviews.” Shawn presents pretty much exactly what he promises. I’m […]

The virignity issue

I’ve been pondering virginity again recently.  A couple of things have come up, directing my attention there. First, I was contacted not once, but twice within the same week by authors of new books on virginity, asking me to review their books (reviews are in coming posts – this is a multi-post issue if I […]

I might have saved someone’s life today. So can you.

But the thing is, you might not ever know it. Young people kill themselves because of harassment, torment, bullying, and immense internal pain.  You can be the person who stands between them and suicide, but you might never know it.  Ideally, none of us would ever know because the someone we’ve influenced has a happy […]

Why Middle School comprehensive sex ed?

Most middle school students are not yet sexually active.  Many of them are not even on the skinny end of the sexually active bell curve (that is, they don’t have boyfriends or girlfriends yet, they haven’t had a first kiss, they might not have even started their periods or had their first orgasm yet).  So […]