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What’s important about sex ed?

Yesterday a teenager at my church (Wildflower UU Church) told me that she didn’t really care about sex education, and nor did her friends really care about it. She didn’t seem to be trying to be rude – on the contrary, she was quite apologetic about it. Pointed out that it wasn’t because she or […]

Abstinence-only funding increased…by the democrats

While I was on vacation the House “democrats” voted to INCREASE funding for abstinence-only-before-marriage sex education. I’m outraged that anything this outrageous could have happened while I was gone! To drive my point home, let’s review. Here is the legal definition of a program that meets the requirements of “abstinence-only”: Have as its exclusive purpose […]

Dan Savage on Sex Ed

I’ve introduced Dan before – he’s my favorite sex advice columnist. Here’s another short intro: Dan talks about sex and tells things like they are in a way few advice columnist (or people, for that matter) are willing or able to do. He’s the go-to-guy for everything from freaky to vanilla sex or relationship questions. […]

On abstinence and sex education

Here is a question from a regular reader: “What role do you think the choice of abstinence should play in sexuality education?” Well, I think it’s critical. All teenagers must know, absolutely, that the choice to have sexual intercourse is first and foremost theirs to make about their own body. And making the decision to […]

Around the blog-o-sphere about democrats and abstinence-only sex ed

The Nation published a thorough and interesting article on the democrat’s decision to increase funding to abstinence-only sex education. Then, during the last week or so, a number of blogs wrote about the same issue. Most of these blogs are political in nature, and so the focus is on trying to figure out why on […]