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Teens speaking out about sex education

RH Reality Check has a recent post about two teenagers in Iowa working for comprehensive sex education. They are encouraging Iowa to reject Abstinence-only funding from the federal government. Here’s a portion of the post: It isn’t unusual for Iowa high school students Stacey Hoch and Venessa McDole, both peer advisors, to speak with their […]


(Written by guest blogger JustAnotherTeen.) My guest blog for this month will be about 4parents.gov. I found this website through a commercial (they are all on their site) and I must say, it kind of disturbed me. On the about us page, they said this: “4Parents.gov is part of a national public education campaign to […]

vaginal intercourse as the Ultimate Act

Last week I wrote about born-again virgins and the Silver Ring Thing. One of the reasons I said I disliked this program was that it suggested to teenagers that vaginal intercourse is some Ultimate Act, and that it is really the only act that need be promised against. Now, as a disclaimer, I suspect that […]

Honoring adolescent sexuality

Yesterday I wrote about the Silver Ring Thing. Among other issues with this program, I talked about the Born-Again Virgin process, and how much I dislike it. One of the reasons I dislike it is because I think it teaches teenagers (and pre-teenagers) that sexuality is something you can annul. You can deny it’s existence. […]

Born-again virgin

Several days ago I received an e-mail with this as the subject line: “Born-again virgin.” Now, I receive lots of e-mails about sex and sexuality, but this one subject line really impacted me. I even waited to read the e-mail until I felt I would be able to respond to the subject matter well. For […]

Your questions, my answers! (Part 1)

(Written by guest blogger JustAnotherTeen.)  Although this post was originally supposed to be for Friday, I got so many good questions on Wednesday that I did not feel they would all fit in one post. That said, I am still open to more questions for the rest of today or until about 10 PM Eastern […]

My parents’ views on sex

(Written by guest blogger JustAnotherTeen.)  My father is a minister and has been since he was 17. I will not name the denomination but it is obviously a Christian one and saying my parents are conservative is like saying the galaxy is big. Therefore, you can probably guess about the extent of sex ed I […]

What kind of sex education does your state have?

Virginia has recently joined a group of 13 other states in refusing abstinence-only “sex education” funding from the federal government. Basically, this allows these states to design their own sex education programs – theoretically because they want one that is comprehensive rather than abstinence-only. Where does your state stand? Here are the states which have […]

Really? A chastity belt?

Chew on this today: someone has apparently patented what they call a “security underwear device for sexual organs” (i.e., a chastity belt). Is it as horrible as it sounds? I think so. Is it real? It appears to be. How sure am I of that? Not completely, so I wrote to snopes.com (my go-to-site for […]

On the uselessness of virginity and abstinence

A study on teenagers’ understanding of virginity was published in the August 2007 issue of the Journal of Adolescent Health. The study looked particularly at adolescents’ understanding of virginity pledges and vague sexual education terminology. RH Reality Check distilled the results into two lists: Adolescents believe virginity is maintained after participating in: genital touching (83.5%) […]