Those of you who are regular readers may have noticed that for the last year or so I’ve written only sporadically – until the last few weeks.  I’m trying to get myself back into a schedule of blogging three times a week.

As I was sitting her, pondering what to write about, I realized that I have tended not to blog because there are just so many, many things that I could, that I should write about.  Here is the short list of things I was considering writing about today:

This is often where I find myself rather stumped on how to move forward in my blogging.  There are so many topics, so many events, so many issues to talk about that I end up spending all of my time thinking deeply on these issues and very little of my time blogging about them.  But I’m done!  I have a new promise to you, my dear readers, that I will just pick something already and write about it three time a week.  (Okay, so today is kind of a cheap blog post, maybe tending towards that overly-meta place that blogging can sometimes go, but I find that publicly stating my goals generally helps me meet them.)

As I’m pondering what to write about…does anyone have a special topic/question that you’d like me to address?  Has something happened recently in your household that you’d like support on responding to?  Here’s your chance to send me a question and I’ll answer it here in the next few days!