“So a gay, French, teenage school boy walks into a McDonald’s…”  But it’s actually a French advertisement by McDonald’s.  One they would never, ever air in the US.

I wonder if the father is just unaware of his son’s sexual orientation, if he is in denial about it, or if he is blatantly homophobic?  I think the clip is trying to suggest he falls somewhere between unobservant, heteronormative, and denial.

I talk with a lot of parents who assume their kids and teenagers either are not gay.  Many of these parents have gay friends – they would not think twice about saying sexual orientation is “fine with them.”  But they still assume heterosexuality as the norm – they assume heterosexuality for their children.  Perhaps the father in this video would be fully supportive of his son’s sexual orientation if he was aware of it.  But by assuming heterosexuality, he has made it substantially harder for his son to come out.

What do you think of this commercial?  Does it change the way you think of McDonald’s – at least over seas?