I have absented myself from blog reading of late.  Mostly it’s a time crunch thing, but I’ve realized that mostly I just need to cut down on the shear number of blogs I’ve been attempting – and failing – to read and just keep the really important ones.  But it’s hard.  Because there are, of course, so very many truly worthy ones.  In just the last few minutes, while scanning over almost 400 blog posts I’ve neglected to read in the last two weeks, I have truly been overwhelmed with hope at this changing political landscape.  Here are a few of the reasons why:

  1. The UK is looking to attend to sexual bullying as a specific, relevant, and negative force in teenagers’ lives.
  2. Barack Obama, kicking ass and taking names. Literally.
  3. Obama needs another number.  This is his statement on Roe v. Wade.
  4. And another.  The Whitehouse agenda on Women’s Issues. (Let’s set aside the issue of the term “Women’s Issues” for the moment.)
  5. And his agenda on The Family.

And then, this:

  1. The CDC reports that teen pregnancy rates are rising.

Not surprising, of course, but not uplifting.  We still have much work to do.

For example, I couldn’t find anything about comprehensive sex education in Obama’s agenda.  What a complete and total bummer.  I’m hoping it’s one of those (many) things that’s still in the works and that abstinence-only-until-marriage-sex-education federal funding goes by the wayside soon and is replaced by comprehensive sexuality education that delves into the physical, the emotional, and the social issues around sexuality.