Picking at Scabs: A must-read

As some of you might remember, I am an editor at Blog Nosh.  Blog Nosh is an online magazine dedicated to republishing the best of the archived posts around the Internet.  I am tucked away in the Personal section, which I think is amuzing, and I republish posts about sex and sexuality and body image and gender and pretty much all the things I write about here.

Today a really, really great post that I re-published is up on Blog Nosh.  It’s called Picking At Scabs, and is written by Anastasia from The Sister Project.  I highly recommend everyone go take a look.  It’s a poignant piece about eating disorders in adolescence.  I’ll tease you with the first part of the post, to make absolutely sure you’ll go read more:

Picking at Scabs

WHEN WE HEARD Brooke throwing up on Katelyn’s 18th birthday, the seven of us skipped a beat. Our spoons, heaped with chocolate sauce and ice cream, paused in midair before reluctantly arriving at our lips. Gator’s hand ticked for a split second as she sliced through creamy frosting and into birthday cake. No one said anything. We just listened. My mind wandered up the air vent to the cool blue tiled floor where I know Brooke knelt with watering eyes and a runny nose—her bony fingers brushing the back of her throat, coaxing and begging for release.

These girls are the closest things that I have to sisters. We are not fused with blood but with bruises and Band-Aids—our mutual growing pains. Our insecurities have bonded us together with can’t-live-without-you love. I watched the girls shift uncomfortably eyeing the caloric catastrophe that lay before us, sprawled across the kitchen counter. Our throats began to close around the clumps of cake and ice cream. We ate fast. We ate to get rid of it. Behind us, Justin sang Senorita through the kitchen speakers. Above us, Brooke coughed and spat. It was an eternity cruelly crammed into a split second.

So go!  Read!  Comment there, comment here, comment, comment everywhere!

Oh, but before you do, Blog Nosh is up for two Bloggies!  Best Designed Weblog and Best New Weblog!  (Ummm…Bloggies are blogger awards.  Highly competitive and important and stuff.  So go vote for me! I mean…us.  Yeah…us.)

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  2. Thanks, Karen! I’m honored to have a place among all this important conversation on the madness (both good and bad) of adolescence. It all reminds me of a book I love by Peggy Orenstein called ‘Schoolgirls.’

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