McCain Condoms

Ah, I just love the the counterintuitive nature of the title of this post!

That’s right folks, the Democratic Dog and Pony Show National Convention is well underway in Denver. While I generally pay more attention to other things than the already-assumed nomination of the man I already know I am going to vote for the next United States Presidential Elections, there is one thing that has come to my attention. And it’s just too good not to show off.

Planned Parenthood Action has 700 pounds (!) of John McCain Condoms that they’re passing out at the DNC. They’re called: Ten Things Everyone Should Know About John McCain. They’re gaudy. They’re pink. They’re political. And they stop the spread of AIDS. (That last one is just one fact about sex and condoms that John McCain is unaware of.)

As I was looking over the numerous blog posts about these delightful pink packages, I found myself getting highly annoyed that I couldn’t figure out what all of the ten things were! So I called the nice people at Planned Parenthood Action (the New York office) and Akeli Hunter, Media Relations Coordinator for Planned Parenthood Federation of America, sent me this list:

  1. John McCain opposes equal pay legislation, saying it wouldn’t do “anything to help the rights of women.”
  2. John McCain opposes requiring health care plans to cover prescription birth control.
  3. John McCain opposes comprehensive medically accurate sex education.
  4. John McCain opposes common sense funding to prevent unintended and teen pregnancies.
  5. John McCain opposes funding for public education about emergency contraception.
  6. John McCain opposes restoring family planning services for low-income women.
  7. John McCain opposes Roe v. Wade and says it should be overturned.
  8. John McCain wants to nominate Supreme Court justices who are “clones” of conservative Justices Alito and Roberts.
  9. When asked whether contraceptives help stop the spread of HIV, John McCain said he was “stumped.”
  10. In his 25 years in Washington, DC, John McCain has voted against women’s reproductive rights and privacy 125 times.

(Bold is in the original.)

In addition to coming on pink condoms, this list is also available in a handy flier. While I can’t upload 700 pounds of condoms for you to download, I can let you download the PDF flier here: 10 Things About JM

Planned Parenthood also has an about McCain out. It shows the same clip I showed here back in July right after they happened:

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  1. I *love* this idea. McCain’s lack of knowledge on basic reproductive health issues is overwhelming. He scares me.

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