Listen up, Parents: Your teenagers listen to you. You talk, they listen. They might not appear to take in anything you say, but it goes in nevertheless. And it affects them, whether they’re willing to show you or not.

And here’s the even more impressive thing: You don’t have to talk very much. In fact, if you talk too much they stop listening!

So for serious impact on your teenager you don’t actually have to do much talking!
Maximum benefit for minimum input! How often do you get such a great offer?

Adolescence is a time of breaking away from parents and family – so your teenagers are developing their own identity separate from you. And one way they’ll do that is by not engaging with you in conversation.

But never fear!

Your teenagers are listening to you, and when you talk to them in moderation and restraint, they think about what you say. Even when they don’t respond, and
even when they roll their eyes.

But beware of talking too much! If your teenager says you’ve said something “a million times,” you’ve got that point driven home. Don’t mention it again – for at least 6 – 8 months! Mark it on your calendar!