I’m getting more interested in talking with doctors and their staff about how to talk with teenagers about sex and safe sex.

It seems that many of the stories I hear about doctors is that they just don’t talk with teenagers about sex. My brother, for example, has never had a doctor ask him about any sexual activity – even though he is engaged in sexual behavior. What’s up with that? And the real kicker is that my dad had expected the doctor to talk with my brother about sex – and was quite taken aback that he never had.

So I’m wondering if doctors are concerned that parents don’t want the doctors talking with the kids about sex? Or maybe the teenagers never see the doctor alone – and so the doctor feels awkward talking about in front of the parents? Or maybe the insurance-based-cattle-call-doctor-offices just don’t allow enough time for the conversation to happen?

What it comes down to is that I’m just not sure what’s holding doctors back from talking with their pre-teen and teenage patients about reproduction and safe sex. What do you think?