The news about a prostitution ring in Fort Worth, TX is making the rounds (the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and the Associated Press have articles). This case is garnering particular interest because those running the ring were teenagers. You can read more elsewhere on-line, but here’s the short version: Seven Fort Worth gang members were arrested in mid-January for prostituting at least five young girls (ages 12 – 16). The gang members threatened, beat-up, and sexually assaulted the girls to make them take part. The accused gang members ranged in age from 15 to 19, and included one girl. The Fort Worth police say that gang members’ interest in making money seems to be going up, and that this prostitution ring is just one example of that trend.

Forced prostitution is one of the most heinous crimes that we humans visit on each other. That teenagers, relatively young ones, were taking part in such unthinkable acts against their peers is a hallmark of how dramatically wrong our society has gone, particularly in the realms of sex and sexuality.

I am, at the moment, simply speechless.