Getting together with my girlfriend

(Written by guest blogger JustAnotherTeen.) 

She was my first girlfriend, and still is. We are now practically engaged, minus the ring, but I am getting a bit ahead of myself. It all started when I was bored out of my mind while home from the residential high school that this particular girl and I attended. I had liked her all year but my roommate asked her out the night before I was planning to! Looking back, it was a good thing he did because I was definitely not mature enough for a serious relationship at the time. But back to being at home and bored. I called several different friends because I was so bored. Somehow this particular girl and I hit it off and started talking for close to five or more hours a day. We didn’t talk about anything in particular and formed a close seemingly platonic relationship. I had always liked her and the more we talked the more I wanted to ask her out, but as I said she was my first girlfriend and I was afraid of ruining the friendship if the feelings were not reciprocal. Although we lived four hours away, we happened to be in the same place on my birthday weekend. With my older brother and some of his friends, we went to the mall, the movies, and then dinner. I wanted to ask her out the entire time but couldn’t get the courage. We talked that evening and I was just in that between awake and asleep state when she called back. “Would you maybe, like want to go out sometime, or something, like next time I am in town?” Even though I was half asleep I was certainly smiling now! In order to not make a fool of myself the next morning, I sheepishly asked if she had really called after I was asleep last night, and she said she had. I told her I thought she had asked me out but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t dreaming, which she thought was adorable, of course (needless to say I do not find it so funny, but I digress). We started spending time together with me traveling to her house to spend a weekend or week at a time with her. Although we had not been together officially for very long, we had practically been dating over the phone for the past month and a half. She surprised me with how fast she moved and I got my first kiss while her mom was asleep in the other room. Before to long, we had proceeded to intercourse when her mother left us home alone for hours at a time.

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