Several parents have asked me what they need to say to their children/teenagers about masturbation. That, of course, differs by gender. So here are a few of the things girls need to know about masturbation, in no particular order. Come back tomorrow, and I’ll have a post about boys.

  • Masturbation is a private activity. (This is often more relevant for younger children and toddlers to learn.)
  • Masturbation normal and healthy.
  • Many girls masturbate, many girls do not.
  • It is helpful to masturbate before beginning to have sex. Knowing what feels good to you will help you enjoy a sexual relationship even more. (This, clearly, is a conversation to have with a teenager who may be on the brink of beginning a sexual relationship.)
    • and, of course you should mention that…
  • Masturbation is fun!

Now, this can be heady stuff for parents to actually talk with their daughters about. But it’s important, helpful information, and girls need to learn about it somewhere. If you can’t screw up the gumption to have this conversation with your daughter, make sure someone else does. Ask a woman who is close to your daughter to do it. Send your daughter to this website. Find another website and send her to that one. Just make sure she gets the information from somewhere.

But what do you think? What else do you think is important for girls to learn about masturbation?