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“All I want is for the baby to be healthy!”

I hear this over and over and over again. It’s tied in closely with my other career, sexuality education. People find out someone is pregnant and their first question is, “Are you having a girl or boy?” or “Do you hope it’s a girl or a boy?” And the (progressive?) answer that so many parents-to-be …

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What if I don’t like my child?

Or what if, worse, I don’t love them? Love is a many faceted thing. So is liking. Having connections with. Delighting in the presence of. All of these are many faceted. We have a cultural framework of parenthood that suggests it should be all beauty, all roses, that as parents we should be overflowing with …

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Shifting Focus

I have spent most of the last twenty years working in sexuality education, in one way or another. It’s been good for me. I hope I’ve been able to inspire many teachers and facilitators with the materials I’ve created to work with young people directly. I hope I’ve been able to provide many of the …

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